Today's Four Arts Club ... tradition since 1943


The Four Arts Club, an organization based in Elkhart, Ind., celebrates culture with enlightening and entertaining programming. Music, visual and performing arts, literature and the art of living are the focus. 

Four Arts counts more than 200 in its membership, and invites nonmembers to experience up to two programs a year for just $20 per program. Meetings begin with dessert at 12:15 p.m., with announcements shortly before the program begins at 1 p.m.

Generally, programs occur on the first Monday of the month at The Creek - Christiana Creek Country Club, 116 W. Bristol St., Elkhart.

For more information, please email our membership coordinator. 


Current leadership

The board is elected and installed at the annual meeting in December. The board meets on the last Monday of the month before each program and other months as needed.

The Board of Directors meetings are held at Elkhart Public Library, 300 S. Second St., Elkhart.


President: Janice Dean
Vice President: Judy Kennedy
Secretary: Dellaura Riggle
Treasurer: Roberta Alfrey
Registrar: Jane Rapp
Assistant Registrar: Mary Golden


Program Director: Judy Kelly
Program Planning Director: Patricia Borchert
Membership Director: Pat Keim
Hospitality Directors: Shirl Hartnagel, Betty Rice
Tablescapes Director: Sue Enfield
Special Event Director: Kate Madsen
Assistant Event Director: Gayle Schlichter
Consultant: Kate Madsen